"Chief" is an updated calling to our narrative as co-creators of our reality and an invitation to connect through shared experience as we evolve in life/art. In an era where everyone is a "boss", a chief serves rather than commands and shares through communion so that elevation can begin within. The esoteric is presented through the daily challenges, practices, and observations of our current gritty, contradictory, beautiful, urban landscapes. Similar to the guidance a shaman provides through song when one experiences entheogens, "Chief" chariots the listener through many portals of experience expressed in the world throughout time; ritual, sacrifice, prophecy, reflection, and even ascension all through a very Brooklyn, "God body", indigo-child, stoner lens. "Chief" is urban shaman meets stoner sophisticate with a message that everything you do has meaning and context gives this meaning purpose.


The stage show is designed to be on par with an encounter with a shaman or guru.  It is a shared experience where tone is set and intention proposed before any action is taken. Through the intention and the art(craft) a portal is opened where we dimensionally cross into a shared space of experience. Candles are dedicated and aromatic senses are activated through incense, sage, and spices. Smoke is shared to carry prayers and wishes up to the sky and the songs are contributed perspective for our collective story. Garb is nearly ceremonial and our chief is at times accompanied by a coven of trusted women.



BoilerRoom TV 

The ill shit about Cav’s set is when he get(s) on, he sets the tone for the set before he’s spittin’ any lyrics... it creates a vibration. It sets people in a certain mode like “this is serious”. He has it put together
where it’s not just to entertain, it’s engaging us in a conversation... More than the art, more than the
music, it’s a whole shift in the environment; and it’s done masterfully.
— M.C. K~Swift, Zulu Nation

Converse Rubber Tracks

The Spirit Science of 9/9

Michelangelo Caravaggio; Saint Jerome Writing 1607

The spiritual significance of the 9th letter of the Hebrew Aleph Bet, the letter "Tet"(ט)

Shalom to All, before I delve into the Hebraic meaning of the letter "Tetט, I'd like to share a very important concept pertaining to the numeric sequence of the letter "Tetט. First and foremost, in order for us to truly comprehend the letters of the Hebrew Aleph Bet, we must always bare in mind the numeric equivalence of the letter we wish to analyze and comprehend. Letters within any given language, are not the only avenue for expressing a thought or concept. Numbers play a major role as well in the way that information is conveyed. The only difference is that letters convey information which is intelligible to the mind, while numbers convey abstract thoughts/concepts. As research in science confirms today, a single strand of D.N.A. contains encoded information within numeric combinations. The way that our "abstract" minds convey and receive information from our D.N.A., is purely mathematical in origin. Each D.N.A strand contains "Billions" of encoded information, arranged via encoded numeric combinations, which the brain translates through language "Letters/Words" !! 

The Hebrew language is quite unique and distinct in that it conveys thought the same way that our D.N.A does, which is essentially intelligible/un-intelligible abstract thought. In fact, the letters of the Hebrew Aleph - Bet are seen as the D.N.A of Creation, in that their distinct "letter" and "numeric" combinations, are encoded (Gematria) in every living thing! When I "finally" finish sharing my thoughts on All 22 letters of the Hebrew Aleph Bet, I'll conclude with revealing the nature (D.N.A) within the words of the Torah and compare and contrast them with the works of Creation !!

Artwork (c) David L Singer

Now, as the 9th letter of the Hebrew Aleph Bet, "Tet" ט , first and foremost signifies the "Highest" level of thought itself, just as the number "9" is the highest number, as a single digit number, so does the letter "Tet" ט signify the "Highest" spiritual concept in the entire Torah - which is "Good" טוב (Tov in Hebrew). From the opening verses of the Torah, to the completed thought in all of scripture, "Good" טוב appears to be the very "Cause" of All Causes and the ultimate reward for all spiritual work we labor in under the sun. Let's immerse in the Waters of the Torah for a bit and explore these Truths...

From the very first chapter in the Torah, we are introduced to the very "premise" of Creation! We are taught that G-d created the World with Wisdom, when the Torah says: בראשית ברא אלוהים את השמים ואת הארץ which can be read: B'Rashit בראשית - With Wisdom, God created the Heavens and the Earth !! The Torah then goes on to define each day of creation beginning with the very fist act of creation, which is G-d revealing Light, the light of the Torah that is! For the words "saw the light" (Et HaOr את האור) in Genesis: 1:4 are numerically equivalent to 613, the number of commandments in the Torah, even as it is written in the book of Proverbs: "For a commandment (Mitzvah) is a lamp and Torah is Light" Proverbs: 6:23. The Torah then goes on to enumerate each day of creation and sealing the end of each day with a "Spiritual Letter-Head" - "Good!" 

As the Torah completes each day of creation, a Divine Stamp is set which seal the creative acts of each day, this Divine Stamp is contained in the words: "it was Good (Tov טוב)", of which the initial letter is Tet ט, or the Number 9!  Why does the Torah feel the need to share with us that "G-d Saw" each of His creative "acts" were performed in perfection, and therefore "Good". The Torah seems to be teaching us here that attaining "perfection" is synonymous with accomplishing "Good" טוב.  So much so, that even G-d Himself, who is the very Image of Perfection, is also said to be "Good", as it is written: "Hashem is Good" Psalms: 100:5. So then, if the world was "created" with Wisdom (The Torah), for the sake of Man who was created on the 6th day of creation, then the purpose of creation was for Man to attain perfection (Via Torah observance), the Ultimate "Good" טוב, which represents his (Man's) ability to discern the "image" of G-d.

So then, God created the Universe/World, to allow a being, namely Man, to draw so close to Him (G-d), that he (Man) may discern the "image" of G-d, which is the Highest realization of Perfection, termed "Good". This is why the psalmist says: "I have NO GOOD, but you (G-d)" Psalms: 16:10. You see, the highest realization of creation is the very essence of G-d, to know and discern Him. This can only be achieved via "Torah Observance", for Torah is "Light", a Divine Light which illuminates the very essence of G-d, making Him (G-d) visible to Man! Do Not, I repeat, do not get lost in metaphor! G-d is an "incorporeal" being! He has No limitation, His essence can not be contained by the "corporeal" (mind/eye)! Yet, the Torah teaches us that through Righteousness (Torah Observance), one "Can" attain a Glimpse of

Yet, the Torah teaches us that through Righteousness (Torah Observance), one "Can" attain a Glimpse of the Divine Image of G-d, as it is written: "and I in "Righteousness" (Torah Observance) shall "See" your (G-d's) face; upon awakening, I will be satiated by your "Image" Psalms: 17:15. The Torah is trying to teach us that the very purpose of creation is to allow us to "See" G-d! Which is defined as knowing and discerning Him (G-d) in the closest way possible! Yet, since G-d is an incorporeal being, having no Shape or Form, how does One "See Him".... more importantly, how can one shed "Light" (Torah) on that which has No Temunah (Image) ? Easy, the "Light" of Torah is a Light of Truth, as it is written: "Your Torah is Truth" Psalms: 119:142. So then, the "Light" of Torah allows us to Discern Truth, it allows us to "See" the Very Essence of Divinity, which having No shape or form, is yet still a Perfect Image of "Discernible Truth"!

In conclusion, the letter "Tet" ט represents the Highest concept of Creation - Good טוב! It is therefore represented by the Highest numeral - 9. The numerical equivalence of the Hebrew word "Tov" טוב (Good) is 17, 17 x 9 = 153, which is the numerical equivalence the Hebrew term: אני יהוה אלהיך "I am the Hashem your G-d". Righteousness allows us to "see" G-d! 

As always I pray that the words that I've shared have touched someone and may G-d Bless our endeavors and edify our every step towards Him! 

Avdiel Ben Levi

עבדיאל בן לוי

Avdiel Ben Levi is featured on the outro track "Philosopher Stoned"
and is a founder instructor of LearnTorah

The Planetary Science of 9/9

photo Barry Yanowitz © all rights reserved

9/9 marks the first full day after the Pisces Full SuperMoon...
With the moon still in the watery, intuitive, imaginative, healing and creative Pisces about to move into fiery, passionate, warrior Aries.  This is the mark of the place between the ending and the beginning.  This is the void where creation happens and the alpha and the omega meet.  The number 9 is a number of teaching unconditional love and the power and deep healing that comes from compassion and love.  The power and healing that comes from love will be what changes ourself and therefore changes the world.

Kali Johnson is an astrologer healer, and Yoga Teacher at Soulistic Wellness

Cavalier X Friends at #BrooklynPatch

photo @lafotographeuse

photo @lafotographeuse

Brooklyn Patch came along at just the perfect time. I just had a show at Glasslands Gallery in Williamsburg the night before and we (Iman Omari, Quelle Chris, Moruf and Cavalier) were planning on connecting somehow in NYC to work on a project before our next show in New Orleans. The Patch was just one of those uncanny moments, it enabled us to be able to function together with everything we needed to feel like we had a home base...
— Cavalier @cavwins

Day 1 | Friday
We woke up and managed to have help in whipping up some breakfast from some small things we scored on the late food run after the show.  It was time to make intro with the team from The Patch who were coming through to do an interview.  After that, time to test out what was available in the studio.

The environment was very warm. It had a real homey vibe to it but still being state of the art and a creative space...
— Iman Omari @iamimanomari
photo @handsomecupcakes

photo @handsomecupcakes

Day 2 | Saturday
We saw that the space had a couple of missing elements, but the fact that we were able to send the signal for help from one hub made it easy for some of our cohorts to come through with what we needed.  Suzi Analogue, DJ EZRAKH and J.Stylez came through with some accessories, gear and good vibes.
@suziAnalog @ezrakh @mister_stylez

I made a joke that someone should draw us as Sour Patch Kids, I should’ve known that’d make it fair game to come true with all that was going on in the studio...
— Cavalier @cavwins
drawing by @coreywash

drawing by @coreywash

Day 3 | Sunday
We wanted to get people together who would be excited to catch all of us in town before shipping out.  It was also Quelle's last night at The Patch and his birthday!  We got some homies to bring out a screen so we could use the projector to debut some up and coming music videos of ours while Iman and Quelle played some of the latest beats and tunes.  
Moruf screened "Togetherness/Compromise
I screened the first visual from my latest, "Watch and Learn". We even had the directors of both videos in the house!
Loooovely vibes on a Sunday evening in Brooklyn.

Day 4 | Monday
It really was good to feel like we could rest and create in the same space, especially while in between cities.  Even with the downtime we didn't want to waste a minute in The Patch, there was something special in the air from us being together there and we wanted to capitalize.    

photo @lafotographeuse

photo @lafotographeuse

Day 5 | Tuesday

Last full day at The Patch and it's finally hitting us that our time here is coming to a close.  It's been surreal already and now we're just trying to fit every last bit of it in.  This has been an incredible think tank, creative hot spring and home for the last few days.  Looks like we are going to break night.  We're still excited about what we're working on and how it's brought us all together.

photo @NorvisJr

photo @NorvisJr

Perspective | GS x The Will To Win

photo @antiksos

photo @antiksos

I am on a journey.  In the recently learned lesson that one cannot compartmentalize the aspects of their life, I've opened to the reality that my spiritual, emotional, physical and mental journey are intertwined with my artistic one.  A lot to swallow when things are not necessarily "going as planned" or seemingly falling apart right before your eyes.  Then I realized that this is the life I chose, and ultimately, I wouldn't have it any other way.  Potentially the greatest blessing I continuously receive on this path are the incredible beings I get to meet along the way; artists, strangers with whom I've shared valuable moments, supporters, teachers, and invaluable friends.

I first met some of the New York by way of Boston GreenStreet crew while on tour in Tokyo.  I really appreciated the way they moved together, and their genuine brotherhood carried over into the feel-good spirit of their music.  I had no idea then that we would build together the way we have, and it has been about way more than the music ever since.  From our stints recording and doing shows, to forming with our comrades in The Brooklyn Good Guys cultural collective, even to returning to Tokyo and other stops worldwide, it seemed that the sky was really the limit if we continued to work as hard as possible. 

A-Live, one of the emcee frontmen of the trio, became like a brother to me as we hit Asia again, roving to India, and even stopping in the Caribbean after our first SXSW together.  Needless to say with all of that quality bonding with my bro, it was a lot to take in when he revealed he had a rare kidney condition that was potentially fatal and that immediately after the globetrotting he would be returning home for dialysis and awaiting a transplant.

photo Chevon Mcintyre

photo Chevon Mcintyre

I never told A-Live this, but I was in awe of him at this period; his bravery, his strength and his unwillingness to give up on his dreams.  I watched this brother hammer out recordings, plan releases and keep up with all the aspects of the artist rat-race while so many of our peers found excuses to thwart their own success.  I gave updates to my mother, whom A-Live had met, and comforted my sister when she cried because she too now saw him as a brother and friend.  As if this narrative needed anymore challenges, the other members of this team were also being hit with seemingly unsurmountable odds.  Soup, now separate from the group home in Boston, soul searched as he grappled with what would really keep him pushing forward in all of this and Ren discovered he had a tumorous growth in his lung.  When GreenStreet released The Will To Win I knew they were recognizing themselves in their art, and that they observed the same lesson I did.  Their lives and art were one and the same and their story was worth sharing, graduating from nearly tragic to triumphant.  

As always I was eager to participate in this part of their journey when they asked me to collaborate with them yet again.  This time, they handed me a track with no bare bones idea already attached, no predetermined subject.  All I could think about was what was really happening around us.

Could smell my will to win on my skin, could tell the Elohim in his grin /
they know it's different that I sense the difference in time, before the death of a friend...

Celebrating the 1 year anniversary of their full length release, The Will To Win, GreenStreet just dropped this collaborative installment, The Claim.  Get immersed and join us on this journey.